Abbie Anderson, RYT

Abbie was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She grew up playing soccer in the rain, hiking and climbing mountains with her older brother, and dancing in studios, on stages, and in her kitchen. Abbie took her first yoga class in 1994 as a high school elective. Immediately, she realized something was unique about yoga. Unlike many things in her life, yoga blended physical exercise with a deeper acknowledgment of the mind and spirit.

Since that first class, Abbie has returned to yoga many times as a tool for healing and for maintaining good health on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. In 2010, Abbie actualized her longtime desire of becoming a yoga teacher. She completed her 200-hour alignment-based yoga teacher training under the guidance of Aadil Palkivala in Seattle, and she has been teaching yoga ever since. In November 2012, Abbie also completed a 100-hour Anusara Yoga Immersion with Denise Benitez in Seattle at her home-based studio, Seattle Yoga Arts.

In January of 2012, Abbie moved to Modesto to be with her fiancé, now her husband. Abbie teaches public classes at the Village Yoga Center, Brenda Athletic Club, and NTouch Bodywork and Healing Arts, Inc. in Modesto and until January 2013, taught classes and was studio manager at The Yoga Center in Stockton. She is excited to be living and working locally in her immediate community.

Out of her home yoga studio in Modesto, Abbie is happy to offer one-on-one and small group yoga sessions. These sessions are well suited for anyone who is seeking personalized yoga instruction.

Abbie brings to her yoga instruction a background in somatic (body-mind) psychology and physical therapy. She studied somatic psychology for two years at the graduate level and worked for two years as a physical therapist aide at both an outpatient clinic and in a hospital. Abbie is passionate about a holistic approach to healing and health, recognizing that we are multi-faceted beings made up of body, mind and spirit. As she discovered in her first yoga class, by acknowledging the connection between body, mind and spirit, we begin the journey toward wholeness and optimal health. This is the gift of yoga.

With curiosity, Abbie continues to explore her own yoga journey, an ever-unfolding process. She believes that everyone has the right to experience a JOYful body and life.

"The best thing about Abbie is... everything: her manner, her patience, her knowledge and skill. But, the best of the best is her ability to find just the right words to guide my body, beneficially, into a pose. I learn something useful during every session with Abbie." -J.S., retired nurse